Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Matt Autrey seminar review

Hey all,
Just wanted to put up a quick review of the workshops put on by Boulder Internal Martial Arts, and Matt Autrey...

Saturday's workshops on Xingyi Monkey and circle walking and palm change techniques was amazing! One of the things I really like about Matt is how he presents his material. He chunks it out so that you can easily remember how the forms are applied. This was very evident when we went over the monkey form. He pointed out the usefulness of monkey's unique approach to fighting.
The circle walking and single palm change stuff was great because we had some less experienced people in the class and I could see that those people were getting some great basics, while at the same time the more experienced folks were getting some goods to! For me personally, it has given me some insight on my circle walking practice that has me fired up and wanting to train more!!

Sunday's workshops on 5-elements san shou and crossing power flowed seamlessly together. We worked on finding some of the very subtle but crucial set up points to apply the 5-elements. I can honestly say that almost everyone in the class felt different on their entries by the end of that segment. This is largely in part to Matt taking his time to go around the room and make sure that everyone is 'getting the feeling' of what we are doing. Even if they don't get it right away, they at least know what they are looking for.
Personally I felt that this segment of the day flowed right into the applications of crossing very well! Everyone knew what they should be looking for as far as entries because of the previous material, however, this material was not as subtle :) Matt did a wonderful job of showing us how to use the principles of crossing when at the wrist, forearm, shoulder, body and legs.

Obviously there was more than I can put into words, but I can say that if Matt is doing a workshop in your area you should try and see him. Anyone, experienced or not can benefit from this mans generous teachings.
Big thanks to Matt for coming out and working so diligently with our group. Big thanks to Owen Schilling and Boulder Internal Martial Arts for organizing this awesome event. And thanks to all who attended - I genuinely appreciate all of your hard work training and loved working with all of you, old friends and new!

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